Monday, March 26, 2012

The Day of the Year End (Reading) Test

Today was the day I took the, what I thought was hard, reading test. It started in Victory where me and my classmates waited for the rest of the students, and me praying to God for His guidance. The rest of the students didn't come so we started the test without them. I took one big breath, prepared my pencils, and started. By two hours, I was finished with the Reading Comprehension exam. I was pretty fast in reading (thanks to speed reading classes) and I'm pretty confident that I would get a good grade in this test! I realized also that this was the same test we took last year! What a relief, Now I'm feeling a lot more confident! Today was a great day and   I thank God so much for giving me the wisdom to finish(and be confident) in this Test.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Year End Tests

Today I've been reviewing for the ELCOM exam (year end exam) tomorrow. Right now I'm feeling a bit nervous but confident that I'll do good ... hopefully. Here's some exam tips that I use in an exam.

1)Never EVER not review before the exam.
2) Do your best at the exam and God will do the rest.
3) If there's a question in the exam that you need to think about, go back to that question and move on so you'll  save on time. If you can't go back to the question cause you don't have time read it one more time and make the BEST guess you can make. 
4) Pray Before Starting. :)
5) Never let nervousness set in (at the Test). Relax and take deep breaths, and don't think of it as an extreme test but think of it as an easy quiz :)  

Can't wait till the exam is over... even if it hasn't started.

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Day in Villa Escudero

Right now i'm in Villa Escudero in Laguna and I'm enjoying the view of the waterfalls while eating lunch. When I mean enjoying the view of the waterfalls I mean standing right beside the waterfall while eating lunch at the flowing water right at the end of the man-made waterfall. Still don't get what I mean, we'll here's a picture!

Before actually eating by the falls, we went to the museum riding a carabao pulled trolley. It was just beautiful! There was so much stuff to see! It ranged from a vintage scuba diving suite, to old peso bills, to old shark teeth. I really did love it (considering I love vintage stuff).

Right after eating a wonderful lunch at the falls, we hung out with a  Tita Maricar at a hut nearby because she wasn't feeling well due to high blood pressure. After a while the "gang" aka Lolo Doc's visitors and Dad and the kids began hanging out with me, Tita Maricar, Mom, and Tita Jean. Just then we saw our ride coming in a distance that would bring us to the cultural dance show.

We hopped on the "carabao-mobile" and headed for the show. The seats we filled downstairs, so I headed straight upstairs, and found the perfect spot. The narrator spoke and I listened and watches the dancers sway and move gracefully. They did a variety of different dances that I liked, but my favorite was the Tinikling.

We decided to go stay for a while when lolo docs visitors left so the kids swam (but i didn't cause i was cold) and I discovered the free kayaking in their river. When the kids were getting cold we headed straight to the bamboo kayak booth, grouped up ( with me and happy as teams, and set off to the river in the kayaks. Because me and happy were teams, and because happy didn't know how to row we took a bit slow to get a hand of maneuvering the boat but we did well. :P

It was time to go, we said bye to Tita Maricar, Carl, and Tita Jean and waited for our ride to the parking lot. The trip was a long way home, but we got home safely with dinner served on the table and tita maricar and tita jean sitting beside us.