Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mom's Birthday

"Happy Birthday Mom!", Was the first thing I heard in the morning, it was Brandon and his rowdiness that woke me up this morning while I shoved my face in  the pile of pillows. I then realized, "Oh Yeah is Mom's Birthday!" I woke up in a flash and greeted Mom as I ran downstairs. While running, I spotted a sign made of red paper saying, "Happy Birthday Babe!" with a happy face sticker beside it. "Well Mom will surely like this!", I thought. 
So I continue to go down the stairs when I see a pathway of colored paper scattered on the floor saying "Happy B-Day!", I walk into the kitchen to see whats for breakfast, when I see another note saying, "Maligayang Bati!

These note were scattered every where in the couch, on the doors, on the lamp. I just wondered who could have done there cute little notes. Dad held out mom's gift in a brown paper bag, and called all of us to write a little note to mom. Me and Dad made (a what i call "random") rap and the rest thanked mom for homeschooling us. Brandon was almost ready to put his finishing touches when Mom pops out! We got shocked (cause we were supposed to shock her, not her shocking us!) we struggled to hide the paper bag, when Brandon just held the bag to MOM instead of us! 
We let him be, so we sat on the couch to watch mom open the gift while we recited our notes.

After Mom opened the gift (which was by the way, a Chariol necklace), Tita Len comes with Happy face badges in her hand to make us remember that its Mom's Birthday, and that we should have a happy face and not give her a hard time(which always happens, argh)  today. We settle down with a great breakfast and Bible verse from Tito Toneth and did our 12 Days of Giveaways before Mom left (to go Christmas shopping). Heres an update of the gifts I got so far!

Day 1: A Jessie Toy from Brandon
Day 2: Reebook Rubber shoes
Bea with her Umbrella!
Happy gets a Tea Party Set from Tita Len!
Brenner receiving Binoculars!

Day 3 : A T-shirt from Tita Len
Day 5: A Lighting Frisbee
Day 6: A Badminton and Volleyball Set 
And Day 7: Supposedly mom owes me Mochico :P

As they say in the song "Although It's been Said Many time, many ways, Merry Christmas to you!"

Its Beginning to Look Alot Like Chistmas!

Today I feel like its beginning to look alot like Christmas. I haven't been blogging for the past weeks. So here's a recap on what I've been doing: 

1.) I made the best cupcakes ever! (It turned out so soft
 and fluffy! Sorta like a cheese cake! :D), 

2.) I played my best game ever in the tennis court even if I lost :(, 

3.)We decorated the Christmas tree,

4) Went to our Homeschool group's Christmas Party in Frutti Froyo and Army Navy.

The Monday Buddies! Happy with her cute dress and Bea looking as cute as ever!

4.)And Started of our family's 12 days of givaways! 

In the 12 Days of givaways, we give gifts to one another, read bible stories, and study about the true meaning of Christmas!

*We get our great Christmas stories in www.mywonderstudio.com. *