Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Picture By Chessa

Thanks Chessa for the cartoon version of me. :) maybe we should make videos with your illustrations using some stories I make, that would be cool.

Getting Bitten By The TriBug

Woke up early today, and I mean 5:00 am early. Me and dad went swimming along with the team in ultra. It was my first time to swim with the team, and even start swimming training. I learned a couple techniques on free style along with some drills. One of the things that helped me a lot was to keep my elbows up and to use small quick kicks.

It sure was one tiring morning for me, but luckily I'm homeschooled which meant mom allowing me a 30 minute nap.

After school (well homeschool), we went to buy a couple baking supplies, so expect more baking posts till I start baking.

I just realized that I was beginning to see signs of myself getting the TriBug. Why?

Well I'm running alot more than I used to and I'm beginning to love the sport of triathlon even more. I came to the realization that its hard to train for a sport let alone three, and that all these things I can only do with God's help.

Now I get why triathletes wake up at 5:00 in the morning, and feeling sleepy at work... Because they love seeing change in their endurance, speed, and strength. Personally though, what I love most about training for triathlon isn't just seeing the development of my endurance, speed, and strength, but the development I'm beginning to have mentally, and spiritually. To me it seems that God speaks though me throughout my training, like listening to the Bible while spinning, and listening to hillsong while running.

After school (well homeschool), we went to buy a couple baking supplies, so expect more baking posts till I start baking.

It's been a long day but just to top it off here's one of the conversations I overheard between mom and Brandon (one of my twin brothers)

In Math...
Problem how many footprints all in all with the three blind mice and the seven dwarves.
Mom: "Mice have 4 feet Brandon!"
Brandon: "But Mom they have 2 feet! And in the poem of the tree blind mice poem, the picture there had the mice using their hands to hold the walking stick "

Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Dogs New Hairstyle

My dog got groomed today but this time I added a little more twist to his hair...I gave him A MOHAWK!

Friday, February 1, 2013

My First Tri Suit

Like my new tri-suit? Got it just yesterday from dad. :)