Monday, April 2, 2012

Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar

For Happy and Lolo Doc's Birthday, Feb 21 and 22, we went for a trip to Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. I didn't have much time to blog about this, since I was reviewing for the test, so I decided to fill this post with pictures, since a pictures worth a thousand words, so be ready for a picture heavy post of Las Casas. Enjoy!

Another Year End Test (ELCOM)

Today I took another year end test, but this time it was a mixture of all the subjects (Math, Filipino, Language Arts, Science).  This test is what me and Mom have been reviewing for the past two months and I got to say that  last week, I wasn't feeling too well. I had coughs, headaches, and the sniffles. The cold really bothered me that week but I was determined to get a high grade.  The twins had a cute conversation the other day  and it went like this:

Brenner: I'm gonna get 3 A+'s in my test!
Teacher: How about you Brandon what will your grade be?
Brandon (thinking)...: Ahh! I know I'm going to get 4 A+'s in my test! 

After reviewing It was a great joy, me and Mom were just so much confident that I would not just pass the test, but I would get 10 A +'s!

Today as I took the Test I was ready, with hardly any sound of doubt in my mind. The test started with reading comprehension, I think to myself, " this pretty easy!", the next was math, "These are easy questions" (but I took long in each, just to make sure), the next in line was Filipino, in which I thought to myself, "Some of this is quite hard!", afterward I proceeded to the last subject, Perceptual Reasoning, in which some parts were tricky yet some easy. When I finished the test, I still had quite some time to review while my classmates were fooling around, so I changed some of the questions that I thought was wrong, and submitted the paper.

"I'm FINISHED!" I thought to myself as I left the room and was proud to tell mom that most of the problems were fractions, when all along I had thought I would encounter algebra. The next in the schedule was the picture taking for my Graduation from grade school. I was so proud of myself as I put on that toga and smiled for the camera. It was a sign of how much God has really guided me thought this homeschooling life of mine, and how I had so much opportunities in life that was to come.

 The feeling of finishing the test was like that of a marathon, going through tough struggles, but yet passing the finish-line and rejoicing for going through that struggle.
 This test is different from other tests because through  this test, God has really shown me of how to glorify Him in whatever you do. Because really, this test made me realize that what I was doing was just not a measure of the brains, but a measure of how much determination I had to glorify him.

We left  with a smile in my face, icecream, and a pair of shorts and a shirt from Mom. Thanks Mom for being patient, and understanding during the review, thanks a lot! :)