Sunday, December 23, 2012

"And so this is Christmas, What have I done?"

Today is the day before Christmas, December 23. We went to Victory today, but this time to preform our Christmas play (Christmas in Egypt) again. Well if you don't know (since I haven't been blogging) I was chosen to be the narrator of the play. Time goes by so fast... Wouldn't you believe my  last post was October? And just to answer the title of this post, I'd be pleased to plate you on the things I've done in the "ber" months.

Probably the very highlight of the ber months was the death of my grandfather , yes, Lolo Doc. You've probably seen most of my posts about him on my posts, and it hurts for me to posting this, but  I've fully recovered from my grief. Although,  there are times wherein I think about him. An example was today, when at the garden I realized the cool Christmas breeze, when I suddenly thought of him coming to our house to maybe grill out. This leads to the story of  my parents in the conversation of buying a new charcoal grill for that led to my dads sad remark of, "Huwag na natin bilhin, Hindi naman natin mapapaimpress si Pa kasi wala na sya." 

So it was my moms Birthday recently, and amidst the funny thought that her birthday celebration was doomsday, and the various games me and my friends played, there was always that singing of Lolo Docs version of Happy Birthday, with or without him was present.

I will miss not having Christmas without Lolo Doc but thank God for many great memories God has allowed to me to experience with him. I know that I should be happy and not sad because I definitely know that he's face to face with his Creator. 

To keep you happy (and me ) let me tell you what happened in the party.  So we were in the study       room: Me, Chessa, Colin, Camerin, Josiah, Joshua, and Kuya Theodor (Josiah's cousin who rents one   of our rooms). We were playing taboo, I was ahead with points and the rest were catching up with me. Kuya Theodor was next. "Ok so this is very famous person in Greece" he says. Mentioning Ceasar Agustus, Homer the poet, and many others, Gelo ( the twins friend) comes in and with a firm answer, says, "I know, I know..." With our attention on his answer he says, "Obama!" Busting with laughter, we fall to the floor.

Watching the Christmas in Egypt Play

Merry Christmas Everyone! And don't worry 1 more day till a pile of Christmas wrappers!