Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Day

For the past few days I've been extremely busy... In all aspects which ranged from, memorizing Shakespeare poems, finding the slope and intercept of lines, teaching while my mom couldn't teach(which was due to her thyroid operation) and much, much more. As for today moms's gone again which means more responsibility, but thankfully my grandma, who we call Mama Ganda, is here to help out. I learned from her that her step brother actually died from... No not a car accident, no not naturally, but from being one of the rare to have died(or if you may call it, disappear) while working for a Spanish ship in the Bermuda triangle. To me that was amazingly freaky. That led both of us to watching bermuda triangle videos. I also learned she baked in high!

We weren't be able to go to church, so I watched the service thought the Internet. You can actually watch it yourself though this link:   

Today was also that day mom was gone to go to the wake of my grandpa's best friend, Uncle Lory. He was with us most of our trips in Bicol, and we stayed in his resort every time we visited. 
These occurings today remided me to use my time wisely,to live each day as if it were my last, and to start spreading the news of salvation because there are so many people who need God's love.