Saturday, February 11, 2012

Usual Saturday Days

Today is my usual Saturday day wherein I make cupcakes do some homeschool work and look at one of my favorite blogs, freeprettythingsforyou.comI found some great ideas in FPTFY and even found doilies in the pantry!The cupcakes (cupcake batter)I made today was my favorite red velvet recipe, and since I ran out of cocoa powder I decieded to use the Truffles chocolate my Tita Maricar (from the US) gave me 4 days ago. Any way my day passed quite fast and as for Mom, she was planning for Lolo Doc's 80th Birthday.  I wouldn't say this was a boring day but I would say this was a fruitful day filled with fun and learning.
A digital scrapbook picture I did today.
Template from FPTFY

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Project On: Consumer's Rights

Ok so, last week I learned about consumers rights, and at the same time was looking for ideas on what to sell for my business plan. As a field trip/business trip, we went to where else but... Divisoria! So I will first explain what ARE the consumers rights and give you some handy tips on being a wise consumer in Divisoria. 

What is a consumer?
A consumer is a person who pays for a product or service.

What are the rights of a consumer?
He/she has a right to :

1)Be Protected.

Every consumer buying a product has a right to be protected from
disease, illness, injury, or other health hazards that may come from the product.

2) Know the Truth

Everyone has the right to know information and ingredients in a product.
This is to provide knowledge to the consumer on what they are consuming
and at the same time, helps avoid health risks. One example, are Nutrition Labels
that show much of the bad stuff and the good stuff you're getting and its ingredients.

3)To Choose

Consumers have to have a right to choose what kind of product or service they
want to  purchase. This gives them the choices to make on what selection they
want that is affordable to them, and what they think is the best quality.

4 )To be heard
People have the right to say their complaints in the product or service to authorities.

5) File A Legitimate Complaint

If people receive defective products, they may ask government agencies like the Bureau 
of Food and Drugs (BFAD), and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Ok, now that you know your rights as a consumer I''ll give you TIPS on being a wise consumer in Divisoria.

1) List down the things you NEED to buy before buying the things you need. 
This an important part before you go to Divisoria that way you'll prioritize
 what you need first (before you run out of cash) and not do overboard.

2) Bring lots of cash.
As you they obviously don't accept credit cards. I suggest to put your
 money on a belt bag, but do face it in front of you.

3) Bring an eco-bag.
This helps especially in putting the stuff you've bought without
 using and carrying a lot of plastic bags.

4) Avoid buying expensive toys, as most of them break easily.
You may buy small toys for goody bags, but we've had a bad a bad
 experience in buying expensive toys for Christmas in which they broke
 weeks after. :(

5) Wear comfortable clothing.
Wear the lightest and most comfortable clothing to cool yourself in bad
human traffic. If possible wear white, as it doesn't absorb as much heat.

6) Compare prices and quality.
Look out for cheap prices with high quality goods. There may even be
 low quality items for the cost of a high quality price.

7)List down important stall numbers.
You see that bag you want but you totally forgot where or which part
of 168 you saw it. This was the case for me, so I pretty much learned
what to do, 1) write it down include the price if you're comparing or 2) buy it
before you loose it. :)

8) Ask for a discount!
This is a must in Divisoria this way you'll get what you want for what you have.

9) Take Small Frequent Breaks
At the break, count the money you have left, check if the items you bought are complete, if you received the right amount of change, and clear your mind. 

10) Avoid riding a pedicab.
If you were to really ride one, be SURE you know the price of your ride and ask the driver multiple times for it as pedicab drivers may fool you into paying price of a taxi ride.