Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Old Post

Hello! I just want to post a old post I put up in Weebly a year ago and I just want to share it to you guys.

This is the first time to actually make and write on my blog.Today is a very regular, yet shocking day. So today I go to tennis with my mom to practice my Volley. My friend Josiah, is a beginner and actually just started playing tennis this week. He and his brother did pretty well today. And even Tita Jane found tennis to be fun! After tennis we eat a delicious meal at home and started homeschooling after. Our homeschooling went well, we studied out Math, Bible, Science, Filipino, and Civics. In math I learned about Proportion, in Bible I read Gen. 45- 50 today and explained it to my brothers and sisters. Each of us kids were to present a summary of a book we read and present it to the class. I think that Bea was the best in explaining the book even though she was young (she's 4 yrs old). She would even ask the questions, "Can you read this for me?, Ok what's this?" It sort of reminds me of my Mom! She would even say the correct answer like a teacher would! After Bible I did Language Arts and Filipino. As the day passed by dad came home early to go to a wake. We ate a great dinner and went back to homeschooling at 7:00 (Can you actually believe we still study at this time!) We finished at 8:45 and I started writing and this blog until...I was asked to get my mom's medicine. I went down stairs and heard water flowing. I thought that my dad's new fish tank had broken but I was wrong. :( It was just the tank filter all along. So I went back upstairs creating this blog when this time........I heard a big broken glass BOOM!!!!!!! I ran upstairs as quick as a rat to find out what was wrong. The first thing I checked was the new fish tank thinking that the sound came from their and found out that the sala wasn't wet so what's the use of looking at the tank anyway?
But guess what I saw as I drew nearer the tank.... It had broken its back with shatters of broken glass outside! I screamed the usual scream I scream when something wrong happens...."What happened to the tank!!!" This tank had made sooooooooo much mess in this house. One time one of the sides collapsed and actually flooded the whole living room and now this! My mom ran down the stairs to see what was going on she said, "This is like Ondoy!!!" We got shocked about this indecent and decided to keep it secret and let let dad figure it out. And thats the end of this strange day! Good Bye!!!

Lolo Doc Is Back

Hello! This is Waby once again, and I'd like to share to you another awesome day. 
My day started early, with a game of tennis, the score was 5-7... and I was 5. I played with the seniors in tennis along with my Dad (he's not a senior) and we had alot of  fun (even though I lost). I took a bath really quick to get ready to leave the house to pick up Lolo from the Airport. On the way there, my mom called saying that Tito Lory (Lolo Doc's Friend) left his cellphone in the taxi while he was being driven to Dad's office. Dad called the taxi driver (who was quite confused and unsure if Dad really knew Tito Lory), so Dad made the instructions of giving back the cellphone simple, to meet him at Yellow Cab. So we drove to Yellow Cab, the driver came in a flash, and we got the cellphone back. Driving back to the office, Dad had another one of those silly ideas, "Lets pretend that the driver didn't give back the cellphone to Tito Lory and asked for 2,000!" I agreed to the idea, and when we got to the office, Dad told him the "story". Tito Lory was worried alot and was so desperate he just wanted the numbers even more than the cellphone! He was ready to take off ...when we held out to him the cellphone. We laughed alot and he just laughed along. We left the office quickly and just went straight to the airport. We parked and Tito Lory set out to find Lolo Doc and Tito Gerry. Me and Dad just waited in the car and made another one of our silly pranks. This time we were to surprise Lolo Doc while he was going inside the car. I hid in the back quickly, Lolo Doc was coming! The back door was being opened and there, right there, stood Tito Jerry! I was so surprised, but he managed to keep his mouth shut. When Lolo Doc came I hid in the back seat instead (since the back was filled with luggage) Lolo Doc was all settled ... I was ready...1..2..3.. "Surprise!" I screamed. He was shocked(which worried me) but yet, he hugged me tight. We took a stop to the tennis court and Lolo and the a couple seniors met together to chill. We got home to have a steak lunch, and watched the video we made him for his last birthday, and the funny video the kids made while having a pretend "American Idol" in my room. It featured Brenner singing "Baa-Baa Black Sheep" and Happy changing her mind for the scores.We showed him a picture of his funny look alike we saw in Bicol and laughed wholeheartedly.
Lolo Doc's Weird yet Funny Look Alike

 Tito Gerry showed us the many bags of chocolate, that was enough for the year. Lolo Doc snoozed for awhile after all the fun We had so much fun that we were able to convince Lolo Doc to stay for a night! I wonder what will happen tommorow, I am just so excited!

                                                                                 The Best American Idol Judge

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday with the Girls and Also my First Post


Yesterday me, Bea, and Happy had some time alone when Mom, Dad, and the twins ) went to a bike race early that morning. We woke up along with them at around 5:00 in the morning when they left, and watched TV. We soon fell asleep from watching, and woke up from the sound of Wheel of Fortune on TV. By the time we woke up, Happy came and reminded us to make cupcakes. We rushed downstairs to get ready and began looking for a recipe. We found a great cream cheese recipe and had the best cupcakes ever! The frosting was smooth and lite, I loved it. We setup the Christmas tree after making the cupcakes, and decorated it with the sound of Christmas music. The twins came from the race and told us about the Manny Pacquiao fight they watched in the restaurant and the way Daddy looked after the mud crawl in the bike race. This is one of those Sundays that are filled with fun and laughter.